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best-wordpress-tutorialsIf you haven’t heard, WordPress is like the best blogging software, like, EVER!  If you want to do it the easy way, you can always start a blog by going to and signing up.  Easy-peasy!

The other option is actually purchasing web-space (don’t care what some people say, paying for webspace is the way to go), installing WordPress in the purchased web space, and setting up your “self-hosted” WordPress blog.

Either way you choose to go, if you are new to blogging AND WordPress, you have some things to learn before getting too far.  For instance, what are widgets?  Sidebars?  Headers and footers?  For veteran bloggers, these terms are second nature but for a newbie (please don’t be offended at the term), they have to learn.

Enter video WordPress tutorials!  I love being able to help people get started with new technology.  I just recently helped out a few friends with WordPress sites and it was a blast.  I did a video tutorial or two but what I found out was that much of my work wasn’t really needed!  When I ran into, a site with some of the best WordPress tutorials out there, I almost fell over!

best wordpress video tutorials is a very well-done site full of tutorials showing you how to do everything from managing widgets to adding Twitter updates to your sidebar to adding a Paypal button to you blog!  Now if I want to show someone how to do something, I can either record a screencast for them and figure out how to share it with them OR I can head over to and see if it’s something that’s already covered, saving me much time and effort!


Here are a few of the best WordPress tutorials that may someday help you help someone else getting started with WordPress:

How to sign up at…


An introduction to the dashboard…


How to create a static page…

How to write and publish a post…

As you can see, has a wealth of well-done video WordPress tutorials to surf through. What I like about the video tutorials is how professional they are, the high video quality, and the very smooth voice integrated into each tutorial.  Also notice that it is easy to turn subtitles on and off (good for those who are hearing impaired).  ALSO, it’s very easy to embed and share the videos (very cool for reviewing and sharing them on sites like!).

What I didn’t mention before is that also has a whole section dedicated to presentations done on various WordPress-related topics from tips to the future of the Internet and the part WordPress is playing.  Here’s a small selection of the presentations you’ll find:

Chris Molitor on Finding the Perfect Theme for You or Your Business…

Martin Buckley on Self-Hosting Multiple WordPress Blogs (technologically sophisticated)…

Mark Jaquith on BuddyPress and the Future of WordPress Plugins…

The site is fairly simple to navigate.  If you look across the top you’ll see links to the two basic categories of videos (Wordcamp TV and How-To).  Notice that you can also search for a specific topic you may be looking for.


Once you’ve arrived at either location, the easiest thing to do browse the category column off to the left (once you scroll past the intro spot at the top with some featured videos).


Once you’ve arrived at a specific category, you are then offered a listing of videos to choose from.


It’s really that easy.  As you’ll be able to tell when you browse the site, they have tutorials for novices and the more experienced.  I think you’ll be pleased by what you find at

Tell us, what other sources do you know of that offer good WordPress tutorials? Please share them in the comments!

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