WordPress.com Now Accepts Bitcoin Payments [Updates]

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Bitcoin, a virtual form of currency, has known its share of controversy – mainly around being used for illicit activities. But now the cyber-currency has gotten a much needed boost in legitimacy, with WordPress.com accepting it as a form of payment just like PayPal or credit cards. This allows users from all over the world to pay for premium WordPress.com services, even if their countries are blocked by PayPal or if they’re under other credit restrictions.

Powered by Bitcoin payment processor BitPay, the WordPress Bitcoin payment interface is straightforward and easy to use, putting Bitcoin alongside other mainstream payment mechanisms.

While Bitcoin adoption rates amongst consumers are far behind PayPal (not to mention traditional credit cards), this move goes a long way towards democratizing access to WordPress’s premium tools and leveling the playing field for bloggers and writers from developing countries. In other words, if you live in a developed country and have no problems with PayPal, this may not make much of a difference to you – but for users with no PayPal or credit card access, being able to pay via Bitcoin can make a significant difference. With this move, WordPress joins many other web hosting services who already accept Bitcoin, and becomes one of the fledgling virtual currency’s most high-profile supporters.

Source: WordPress.com

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This is… interesting to say the least. I expect we’ll be hearing a lot about this, ether good or bad.



Ugly scamer


vineed gangadharan

LOL hahahah


Douglas Mutay

Is WordPress accepting Paypal payment option??

Erez Zukerman

Yes, on many countries (but not all).


Deekshith Allamaneni

I once heard that many terrorist organizations and anonymous activists use bitcoin. I don’t know how true it is but can you please tell me is it legal to use BitCoin? It sounds something like BitTorrent which is also known to be popularly used for illegal file-sharing but it is still legal.

Josh B

Just like any currency its legal and just like any currency its what you do with it that counts.

You can buy, weapons, drugs etc with cash.
Owning cash is not illegal but buying illegal drugs with it is.
You can do illegal things with internet and a computer still both are legal.

Its not Bitcoin that makes it possible alone, its the internet, the drug dealers and the postal delivery service.

You can send Bitcoins to charity organisations.

Erez Zukerman

Bitcoin is definitely legal, just like money is legal (it’s just a medium of exchange). Buying drugs with Bitcoin is of course illegal, because it’s buying drugs. So, the drugs are the illegal part, not the currency.

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