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WordPress is one of the best blogging platforms with a host of useful plugins, and it’s just had a major update. WordPress 3.7, nicknamed “Basie” in honour of Count Basie, comes with “some of the most important architectural updates” so far, according to the makers.

The big news is that WordPress 3.7 brings automatic background updates. Setting up your WordPress blog is easy (especially if you use our guide), but manually downloading upgrades is a pain. And while you’ll have to do that for this version, future upgrades to WordPress will be automatically carried out, with the whole process done in the background while you sleep. Safety is a prime concern for auto-updates, of course, and WordPress has promised it has introduced new checks and safeguards to make it reliable.

Since you obviously want a secure password to protect your website, WordPress 3.7 ups the ante in that department with a new password meter based on Dropbox’s zxcvbn library. This can recognize and avoid common mistakes that can weaken passwords, such as dates, names, keyboard patterns (123456789), and even pop culture references.


Search has also got a major upgrade. Traditionally, WordPress’s search has been based on date and not relevance. With v3.7, the search gives priority to matches in the post title or post content rather than date, according to Post Status. This is quite an important feature since WordPress lets you do lot more than just blogging 6 Ways to Use WordPress That Aren't Blogging 6 Ways to Use WordPress That Aren't Blogging Read More .

Finally, if you are using WordPress in a non-English language, version 3.7 promises that localized variants will get faster and more comprehensive updates.


If you are already running WordPress, you can upgrade to 3.7 from your Dashboard. To download a fresh, free install of the new version, head to Of course, before you make any changes, it’s best to backup your current WordPress How To Backup & Restore Your WordPress Site Easily With UpdraftPlus How To Backup & Restore Your WordPress Site Easily With UpdraftPlus Read More so you can restore it in case anything goes wrong.

Source: WordPress Blog via Post Status | Image Credit: Takamorry, Juanpol

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