Wordle: Create Fancy “Word Clouds” from Text

Wordle is a simple and lovely art tool for generating “word clouds” from text. If you have no idea what word clouds are just see a sample screenshot below. To create a word cloud Wordle asks you to enter some source text. There are two options here, you can either generate a cloud from the text you provided it with or tell Worlde to use your del.icio.us tags instead. Pretty simple.

wordle   Wordle: Create Fancy “Word Clouds” from Text

As you would expect from a tag cloud, the words that appear more frequently in the source text get a greater prominence in the cloud. Additionally, you have an option to customize the cloud further using different fonts, layouts, and colors. When you’re done with the cloud, you can print out, save it to the Wordle gallery, or grab a screenshot of it and save it on your PC.


  • Quickly create cool word clouds from any text (or use your del.icio.us tags).
  • Create and save as many clouds as you like.
  • Customize Word Clouds using different fonts, layouts and color schemes.
  • Save pictures on Wordle Gallery for everyone to see.
  • Print out Word Clouds you like.
  • No sign-up or registration required.

Check out Wordle @ www.wordle.net

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Juliet van Ree

Very nice results, I tried it out, it’s easy and very customizable. Thanks for posting!