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Puzzles are extremely fun to play. They are fun games that not only entertain you but do so while making you think. They are arguably the best way to enhance your memory. Of all types of puzzles that there are, the favorite kind of many are word puzzles. Within these, the kind of puzzles that have you create the most words from a word or a jumble are the most enjoyable ones. You can find these puzzles in the newspaper or more easily on the internet. But playing them alone is not very exciting. Adding a bit of competition spices everything up and the same goes for word puzzles. Here to offer you such a competitive flavor of word making puzzles is an excellent smart phone game called Wordament.

creating words puzzle

Wordament is a free to use phone application for iOS smart devices. The app is basically a game that is sized at nearly 9.5 MB and it requires an iPod Touch, iPhone, or iPad device to be running version 4.3 or later. While playing this game you are presented with a 4 x 4 word matrix that you need to create words from. All players of the app are facing the same jumble and are competing against one another. The objective is to make the most words and preferably the longest ones.


You can add good players to your personal list to match your score against theirs and compete.


  • A user friendly phone app
  • Compatible with iOS devices
  • Let’s you create words out of a 4 x 4 word puzzle
  • You play against people worldwide

Check out Wordament @

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