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Have you ever wanted to make it look like someone is speaking in a picture? Doesn’t that sound exciting? (No I am not joking. Why does everyone always think I’m joking?)

Is adding a cartoon like bubble with text in it somewhat outside of your technical grasp? Maybe you don’t like Photoshop and you don’t know what Gimp is?

Then Kyolo is for you. Kyolo lets you add simple speech bubbles to existing images and it is super easy. Just bypass their login and upload a image directly onto their homepage. Browse to it and click upload.

They have some funny images professing their undying love to Kyolo on their homepage as well. You will find multiple different bubbles, you can change their size and shape and you can add multiple bubbles. Check one out…

Ok so maybe making Paris Hilton and her dog shout their love for a new web service isn’t your cup of tea. How about the President of the United States giving me his finger of approval?


Or maybe you just want to make something cute to brighten someone’s day or just kill some time…

So now that I have wasted 2 hours of my life that I will never get back, let me put you on to it so you can be just as productive as me! Spend some time browsing the popular ones on Kyolo’s site via this link here.

Kyolo DOES NOT require an email address or a log-in which WE LOVE! They do brand their images under the actual picture so it is not that intrusive. If you know Photoshop at all you can get rid of it real quick.

Oh wait then you wouldn’t be using this program in the first place!

I know you have some sick things going through your head right now. We would love to see the images you guys make up email them to me at karl AT MakeUseOf dot com or post a link to yours in the comments! The best ones will be published. Come get your geek on!

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