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Wolfram Alpha made quite a stir when it was launched. It was dubbed as a new kind of knowledge engine, and it did live up to some of the expectations. However, the initial enthusiasm around the product seems to have died down and Wolfram Alpha Widgets looks to be the right step in spreading the word about this tool.

These widgets are, as they call them, mini apps that can be used anywhere. You can embed it on your site, share it via email, post on Twitter or share it on Facebook. You can also customize their look and feel.

wolfram alpha widget builder

The widgets aren’t that hard to build either and there’s a Widget Gallery that has a number of them in different categories to help you get started.


  • Mini apps based on Wolfram Alpha.
  • Share them on sites, social networks and more.
  • Easy to create and customize.
  • Widget Gallery featuring all kinds of widgets available.

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