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Wolfram Alpha Google is a Firefox addon which adds Wolfram Alpha Wolfram Alpha - A Step Closer to Star Trek's Computer Wolfram Alpha - A Step Closer to Star Trek's Computer Read More results next to Google search results. It displays Wolfram Alpha search results next to every Google query so that you can make use of computational knowledge as well. Once you have installed it on your browser, just do a regular search on Google and the Wolfram Alpha result for that search will appear on the right side of the page.

wolfram alpha google

Moreover it provides you with two additional buttons. First is to show or hide the Wolfram Alpha results from the page. And the other one is a link that opens in a new tab and shows full search results from Wolfram Alpha.

wolfram alpha google


  • Get Wolfram Alpha search results in Google.
  • Options to show or hide the Wolfram Aplha results.
  • A quick link to redo the search in Wolfram Alpha, in a different browser tab.
  • Enable or disableĀ  Firefox Addon with just one click.

Check out Wolfram Alpha Google @


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