WndSizer: Measure Pixel Dimensions For Various Objects [Windows]

Have you ever had to determine the pixel dimensions of a particular object on your computer screen? If yes, then one way to do this would be to take a screenshot, paste it in Paint, cut out the object you want, and read off its dimensions in the bottom ribbon of Paint. Clearly, this is not a very convenient way. Here to make the task easier is an application called WndSizer.

wndsizer   WndSizer: Measure Pixel Dimensions For Various Objects [Windows]

WndSizer is a freeware desktop utility that comes for Windows computers. The app does not require any installation; it comes in an EXE packed in a ZIP archive that is sized at only 16 KB. When you run the app, you will find a resizable semi-transparent white screen. You can easily resize this screen to match any object on your screen. The pixel reading in the center of the white screen lets you read off the object’s pixel dimensions.


Check out WndSizer @ www.dizzymonkeydesign.com/Utilities

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