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Quickly find out which files are taking up space on your computer. WizTree is a simple Windows program that scans your drive and shows you which folders are taking up the most space. Explore your folders and you’ll see which files and sub-folders are taking up the most space within that folder. The idea: find files you didn’t realize were taking up so much space and remove them.

find large files on hard drive

It’s a simple idea, and here it’s done well. There aren’t graphics and charts, but the percentages make it easy to find large files and get rid of them. You can do most things supported by Windows Explorer from inside WizTree itself, including deleting files. You can even open your current folder from the command prompt, if you want.

A portable version means you can stick this on a flash drive as part of a kit – recommended if you’re an IT guy or just the family tech support. You never know when you’ll need to track down an oversized file.


  • Easy to use Windows app.
  • Quickly scan your drive and see which folders are taking up the most space.
  • Shows you what percentage of your drive folders and files take up.
  • Only works on local, NTFS drives.
  • Great way to quickly find.
  • Available as a portable app.

Check out WizTree @


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