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Many people who buy new smartphones cannot figure out how to send files from their phones to their contacts. For them a site called Wizdrop will be helpful.

transfer files to mobile phone

Wizdrop is a free to use web service that lets people send files to mobile phones and email addresses. You can access the site either through your computer or through your phone. The files you want to send can be of any audio, picture, or video type and should be stored on your computer or phone. You type in your name and then point to the file you want to send. After that you type in the phone numbers and email addresses of the recipients. Phone numbers from numerous countries are supported; a list of supported countries and carriers is displayed in the site’s section entitled “Valid Countries”.

send files to mobile phone

You can add a subject and message to accompany the file you are sending. Finally you click on the “Drop” button at the bottom of the page and the files are sent.



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