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We all have a list of items that we want to buy but cannot. Usually we keep a wishlist like this but seldom do anything to acquire the items on our list. Instead, those items get ignored and remain forever on our wishlist. Here to help people work towards acquiring their wishlist items by helping others out simultaneously is a web service called WishTabs.


WishTabs is a web service that helps users in acquiring the items on their wishlist. The site mainly helps people who need just a little bit more money to buy the items on their wishlist, but everyone else can benefit from the site too.

The way it works is you start by creating an account on the website. Next you add a “wish tab” i.e. an item to add on your wishlist. While adding an item you can enter the item’s title, its description, a URL to it, optional photo, its purchasing price, and the amount of money you have for it right now. When you have added your item, it appears with complete information and a picture. Sharing buttons let you share the wishlist item with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.

You can view all your wishlist items under your My WishTabs.


Friends can visit your WishTab to leave comments and motivate you. Or they can access the Offers option to make an offer to you. This is where the mutual benefit comes. Friends can offer you a job or challenge in exchange for PayPal funds that will go towards buying your wishlist item. You can review the offers you get and then accept the one you like most.


  • A user-friendly web service.
  • Lets you maintain a wishlist online.
  • Lets you enter various details for your wishlist items.
  • Lets friends comment on your wishlist items.
  • Lets friends offer you jobs for money that goes towards buying your wishlist item.
  • Payments are processed through PayPal.

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