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Christmas shopping can be fun. But picking “perfect” gifts for family and friends is not always easy. Why else would there be long return lines right after the holidays? Wouldn’t it be great to give gifts your friends are going to love? Better yet, wouldn’t it be great to get gifts you are going to love? Well, now both can be accomplished with this new wishlist app on Facebook.

It’s called WishMirror and it is a convenient and smart way of giving and receiving presents. Whether it is Christmas, birthday, graduation, baby shower, or a housewarming party, your gifts are always going to be perfect.

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The easiest way to access the WishMirror app is to log on to your Facebook account and type in your browser’s address bar. Clicking on the Go to App button will take you to the actual app. Once you go through Facebook’s routine permissions windows, you should click Allow so that your WishMirror app functions properly, you will see WishMirror’s welcome page.


You can begin adding gifts to your wishlist by either copy-and-pasting the URL of any product you want from any website into the lavender omnibar or by browsing their Gift Ideas catalog. If you have friends who are already using WishMirror, you can access their wishlists from the top right corner of the app.


Here is an example of a wishlist with a few gifts in it. This user can add more gifts to this wishlist, edit gifts, rank them by the order of preference, or mark them as received. When you mark a gift as received, it will be archived in your iReceived tab, just in case you need to know later what and when and who gave you this awesome gift.

To get a gift for a friend, visit their wishlist, and click Reserve (blue box) or Reserve Anonymously (grey box). A reserved stamp will appear over a gift to alert others not to buy the same gift for your friend. After you reserve a gift your friend will be notified, unless they set their preferences to “Prefer to be surprised.”

The gifts that you have reserved to buy for your friends will be saved in the printable iReserved tab for your shopping convenience.

Sometimes (e.g. for Valentine’s Day), you may want to make some wishlists accessible only to certain friends. WishMirror lets you do that! You can hide your wishlist from certain people or make it visible to only selected people. Many more privacy options are available.

So, WishMirror is loaded with features and yet it is clean, intuitive, and very convenient. One last note, WishMirror is not a retail app as it does not sell anything and is not affiliated with any store. It is a gift registry service that is set to change the way we give gifts to make it more efficient and even more enjoyable.

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