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The wireframe is the basic visual guide displaying the structure of a website and the relationships between different pages. It is a very important aspect of web design and is usually one of the first elements to be created by a web designer. If you are ever curious about the wireframe of any website, Wirify can be a really helpful tool.

It is a bookmarklet that can be simply dragged to your bookmarks bar (or in case of IE, added to favorites). Once done, just browse to your desired webpage and click the Wirify bookmarklet. It will immediately display the wireframe of the website. Clicking anywhere on the wireframe will return you to the original page. For best results, expand your browser to around 1000px width as many websites contain hidden elements.

view wireframe


  • View the wireframe for any website.
  • Works with almost all browsers.
  • No registration or download required.

Similar tools: Mocklinkr, Maki, MocksUp, iPlotz, NavFlow, Mockingbird, MockFlow and ShirtMockup.

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