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Wireframes let you easily outline what a website is going to look like. Developers usually create wireframes to make sure that the developer is on the same page as the employer and other project members. Normally, wireframing apps offer a lot of tools. These tools can be overwhelming and actually slow down the wireframe design. Here to keep things simple yet useful is a website called WireframeCC.

WireframeCC is a free to use online wireframing tool. The website lets you create wireframes for desktop websites, mobile websites, and mobile applications. To get started, select a template i.e. desktop or mobile. Then click and drag your left mouse button to indicate the area of an element you want to place. You can then place rectangles, circles, headings, text, text boxes, and logos.

Your wireframes can be shared via a unique URL and wireframe visitors can annotate the design with comments.


Check out WireframeCC @ 


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