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If you are living in a place where snow storms come and go, and you are burdened with the duty of clearing your driveway before leaving for work, check out Winter Wake Up.

wake up early

Winter Wake Up is an iPhone application that uses the Internet to establish the weather for the area a person is living in. Once done, you can easily go to sleep. If it snowed last night, the Winter Wake Up application will wake the user up earlier than normal. You can set how many minutes you want to wake up earlier than your scheduled alarm time so that you can easily clean the driveway, defrost your car and get to work without being late.

To use this application, you must have an active Internet connection and must grant permission to the application to use your location, so that it can check the weather forecast in your area.


  • Free application.
  • Set how many minutes earlier you want to be woken up if it snows or rains.
  • Available for iPhone and Android

Check out Winter Wake-up @


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