Winter Is Coming, Avoid The Cold Weather Blues By Playing Some Ski Safari [iPhone]

skisafarifeat   Winter Is Coming, Avoid The Cold Weather Blues By Playing Some Ski Safari [iPhone]For those of us living in the northern hemisphere, winter is upon us. That means the holiday season is right around the corner, and Christmas music has already begun playing in department stores all over the place. Winter also means that the cold weather is coming, and for some people, that’s just terrible. I am a skier, so I look forward to winter, but for many people, cold weather means poor driving conditions, wearing far too many layers of clothing, and tons of general annoyances. When the weather outside is frightful, a video game can be so delightful.

For iPhone owners who want a fun game that fits in with the winter theme, Ski Safari is a perfect choice. It offers fun gameplay, good visuals, and is just downright fun. Not only that, it’s a relaxing game that’s themed around the world’s most popular winter sport; skiing. Admittedly, the skiing is not realistic in this game, but it’s also not supposed to be. If you want a game that lets you take part in one of the best parts of winter, without the cold, Ski Safari is the game for you!


The best way to describe the gameplay in Ski Safari is to compare it to an endless runner;  just replace the endless running with downhill skiing. You try to ski as long as possible before the avalanche catches up with you. The idea is to complete challenges and earn as many points as possible. As you unlock challenges, you progress through the game and unlock new, more challenging levels.

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The actual controls in the game are incredibly simple. All you, as the player, need to do is tap the screen to make your character jump, and hold down on the screen to make him perform a backflip. Each backflip successfully performed increases your score multiplier, which obviously makes your score better.

2012 12 06 15.51.54 e1354853836859   Winter Is Coming, Avoid The Cold Weather Blues By Playing Some Ski Safari [iPhone]

As you ski down the hill, you will ride penguins, hop on the backs of yetis and avoid obstacles Crashing causes you to fall, which gives the avalanche time to catch up. There are coins throughout the levels, and these can be used in the store to purchase new skins and powerups that will help your progress through the game.

Audio and Visual

Ski Safari looks fantastic. It has a cartoony art style that fits with the game very well. The levels look good, and while obviously not realistic due to the arcade feel of the game, they fit perfectly and definitely enhance the gameplay.

2012 12 06 15.52.43 e1354853950271   Winter Is Coming, Avoid The Cold Weather Blues By Playing Some Ski Safari [iPhone]

The sound is also good. The different animals you interact with throughout the game make comical noises when you jump on them or when you crash while riding one of them. The avalanche makes a sound that gets progressively louder as it approaches, which makes it feel much more foreboding.


2012 12 06 15.53.50 e1354853982194   Winter Is Coming, Avoid The Cold Weather Blues By Playing Some Ski Safari [iPhone]

There is plenty of gameplay to be had in Ski Safari. The unlock system requires you to play the same level a few times before you complete the challenges, which extends the life of the game a great deal. The items in the store are quite expensive, so earning the coins to unlock them will take a while. It’s the kind of game that sucks you in if you let it, but it can be picked up and played in short bursts, which is perfect for a mobile game.


Ski Safari is a great variation of an endless runner game. It is fast-paced, exciting, and offers just the right amount of challenge. It has a cute art style and great music and sound effects. Overall, it’s a perfect game for pick up and play sessions with gameplay that is addicting enough to suck you in for the long haul if quick sessions are not your thing. While not the most advanced game on iOS, it is definitely tons of fun, and a game every iOS gamer should check out.

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Boni Oloff

I have playing this game so long… Since i bought my iphone,, I must say, this one is one of the best app i have ever played, and till now, i still playing this one, when i have boring time.. this is AWESOME. A must have game.

Mac Witty

Okay for the game but I do not want snow when trying to avoid the cold weather

Raj Bhag

Just though I’d mention, this game is available on the Play Store as well. Maybe you could put, “[Android and iPhone] in future?