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Online social networks are used not only to keep our friends updated with what is going on in your life, but also to share important local and global news with people. Here to provide that social networking news to you in an effective manner is an iOS app called Winston.

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Winston is a free to use smart device application for devices that are running iOS. The app is sized at nearly 41 MB and is compatible with iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad devices using version 5.1 or later of iOS. The function of this app is to provide you with proper newscasts that include audio as well as video; these news reports are composed of content gathered from social networking websites.

winston for iphone

Basically, the app wants you to initiate it and then sit back while you view and listen to your news report. While the report is being shown, you can tap the bottom bar of the application to get detailed news of the current news being talked about. The best part about the app, apart from its audio, is the fact that you are able to personalize the news stream that is created by Winston.

Firstly, News channels are included in the application and secondly, you are able to choose the channel to view your news at. Newscasts have quite a visual appeal to them and Apple TV owners will really enjoy hooking up the app to view it in landscape mode over AirPlay.



  • A user friendly smart device app.
  • Compatible with iOS devices.
  • Provides you with newscasts that include audio and video.
  • Gathers news from social networks.

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    Hi Umar,

    Thank you for sharing this... I see the websites you are following in the technology section. May be you can write something on the lines of best websites to follow for technology.


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