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Last week’s poll asked you if you used Google Wave. There was a lot of hype after the invites started going out. Some of you said that you have not used it because you do not have an invite. I have 17 left in my account so if you want one, leave a comment with the email address you want to use and I will hook up the first 17.

Looking at the statistics from the poll we see that the majority of MakeUseOf readers tried it once but didn’t like it. That is 118 of the 465 votes or 25%. Second place and third place almost tied with I use it from time to time and I never used it. They had 106 and 105 votes respectively or 23% each. Fourth place found Google Wave to be too complicated with 92 votes or 20%. Last place was held by I use it on a regular basis with 44 or 9% of the vote.

It looks like Google Wave is not ready for prime time yet! It also does not seem to be threatening to take over the email business any time soon!

Check out the full responses from the poll below:



This weeks poll is asking you what Windows version you are running. Almost everyone I know (that are using Windows) is on Windows XP SP3. Some of them are dual booting Windows 7. I am still on XP myself and I also have a few Vista machines that need a upgrade to 7.

So what are you running? We want to know! Please answer the poll below:

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