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windows mac likeTry as they may, Mac users can’t always completely avoid Windows. Happily, there’s a single program capable of bringing Mac’s keyboard shortcuts, corner activation, quick previewing and virtual desktops to Microsoft’s operating system. It’s called maComfort, and it’s designed to make using Windows less painful for Mac users.

Sorry: you’re still going to need anti-virus software.

Whether you have to use a Windows computer for work or need to dual-boot OS X and Windows to run certain software, constantly having to switch between two sets of keyboard shortcuts and settings can be a little tiring. This program won’t turn your Windows computer into a Mac, but it will make using Windows that much easier for you. Heck, even if you’ve never used a Mac some of these features are nice to have. Check them out!


Mac users know that, when using Finder, they can press “Space” to quickly preview any file. With maComfort, you can have this in Explorer:

windows mac like


For me it only worked for pictures, but even if you can’t open a given file with it, consider it a really quick way to see information about a file.

In my recent article about Gloobus, I was asked whether anything like this existed for Windows. As it turns out, it does; just install maComfort and you’re covered.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Mac systems feature different keyboard shortcuts than Windows, which gets really confusing for people constantly switching between the two systems. Since Mac shortcuts mostly revolve around the “open Apple” key, and because the “Windows” key in Windows is largely unused, it’s easy for a given program to make the Mac shortcuts work without disabling the default Windows ones.

windows mac like menu

This is exactly how maComfort works with keyboard shortcuts. If you enable this function your Windows button will function largely as the open Apple button. You can even change the shortcuts, if you want.


Move your mouse to a given corner; something happens. Many Mac users expect this functionality, but Windows doesn’t provide it. With maComfort, however, you have it.

windows mac like menu

Any of these corners can trigger applications, shut down the computer, show the desktop, or open a given folder. Not too useful in my opinion, but many Mac users seem to like it.


With OS X 10.5 Mac users got what Linux users have had for long over a decade: multiple desktops. Thanks to maComfort, Windows users can have this too (for some reason there’s still no such functionality built into Windows). Configuration is easy:

windows mac like

You can set up as many desktops as you want, and customize your keyboard shortcut; just like on the Mac.


None of these features are the best part of OS X, but they are ones Mac users come to expect. Happily it’s now possible to have them all in a Windows environment.

Go ahead and download maComfort. You’ll notice a free version and a paid version. The free version includes everything described above; the paid version includes skins and some other features.

Is this useful to you? Tell us why. Alternatively you can call me an Apple fanboy for ever thinking this is useful. That’s a very useful way to spend your time.

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    March 7, 2011 at 7:58 pm

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  11. The Old Sarge
    January 8, 2011 at 11:31 am

    Or install Macbuntu and have a free OS that looks and acts similar to a Mac. Install Wine and run a whole lot of Windows problems and get the best of all three worlds- a free OS, the look and feel of a Mac and the productivity of WIndows programs. Oh, and no anti-virus needed!

  12. RichieB07
    January 7, 2011 at 3:27 am

    Honestly, it's a shame that Windows doesn't have those features built-in by now. Windows 7 was the game changer, but it should have been an even bigger one by showing "Hey we get it, we don't have all the functionality we need to have, so here it is." Hopefully Win8 will have all these installed by default. But even then they'll be behind. Thanks for this, I'll be adding it to my computer!

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