Why Windows Is The Way To Go: A Microsoft Fanboy’s Perspective [Opinion]

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windows is awesomeEverywhere I look these days, I see people proclaiming the wonders of Mac and Linux. Well, I’m a die-hard Windows user, and have been one ever since the days of Windows for Workgroups 3.11 .

One kind of blog post I don’t really see often enough is “why Windows is awesome”. I’m going to try to explain why exactly I stick with Windows, even though I can easily switch to Mac or Linux.

It’s Ubiquitous

windows is awesome

Windows is everywhere. In a time where everybody is so focused on the mobile space and on watching the tight competition between iOS and Android, it’s easy to forget that Windows is by far the most popular operating system in the world. Sure, there are some specific environments (colleges maybe, and graphic design houses) where Macs seem to be the order of the day. But most everywhere else, Windows is the prevalent OS.

It Has a Bazillion Apps

windows awesome

As a result of being so commonplace, Windows has far, far more applications than anything else on the market really. If you’re looking for an application to do anything specific, chances are there’s a Windows version of that application.

In case you think “numerous applications” correlates with “low quality”, a quick stroll through our Best of Windows page quickly reveals the wealth of awesome apps out there. True, these are “only” the 117 best ones, but you can easily think back to your own Web browsing and try to recall; you will see that Windows applications are by far the most common applications out there.

It’s Backwards Compatible

windows awesome

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With Windows 7, Microsoft went to great lengths to make sure every Windows program out there could run. It went so far as to include a virtual machine running Windows XP (“Windows XP Mode”) so that even ancient applications could run. One of the common complaints against Windows is that it contains oodles of legacy code, and that’s true. But the flip side of this coin is that Windows has excellent backwards compatibility. You don’t have to take your pick only out of applications coded in the last year or two when those coded even ten years ago would still run just fine on any modern Windows PC.

It’s Reliable

windows awesome

Ah, the venerable BSOD, that much-celebrated sign of Windows system instability. For the past three years, I got to see it maybe once – and this is when logging approximately eighty hours of Windows time per week on two different computers. Today’s Windows is an extremely reliable OS, with uptimes that easily compete with Linux (in a consumer setting at least, which is what this post is all about).

It’s Secure

windows awesome

The battle-cry of many Linux and Mac enthusiasts is that “Windows is insecure”. I say a properly patched copy of Windows 7 is as secure as anything, especially if you don’t do anything dumb with it, like download potentially-infected software from dubious websites.

Microsoft Security Essentials is a very highly-regarded security solution, and is only one of many free antivirus tools for Windows. I’ve been using Windows for years, and installing numerous software applications in my role as a software blogger, and have never once caught a virus. Some would say those are famous last words – I say this is the mark of a secure operating system.

It Has Fantastic Developer Tools

windows awesome

With tools like free Visual Basic Express, Microsoft makes it very easy to start developing modern Windows applications. You don’t need to spend any money to enjoy a fantastic IDE and debugging tools. If you’re trying to put a startup together for developing Windows software, Microsoft’s BizSpark plan would happily set you up with full, free licenses to a huge array of Windows tools, including a professional version of Visual Studio, and multiple versions of Windows itself.

The Apple Tax

windows awesomeOutside of the United States and Europe, Apple computers are expensive. As a result of Apple’s commercial policy in Israel, there is just one exclusive distributor, and they set whatever prices they feel like setting.

As a result, an 11″ 64GB MacBook Air costs $1,386 here, compared to $999 in the online US Apple Store. Some would say this is an isolated problem, but I say this reflects Apple’s commercial policy in many small territories (and some which are not so small, too).

Windows Keeps Getting Better

windows is awesome

Microsoft is far from complacent these days, and is working hard to make Windows 8 a big success. Unlike Apple’s notoriously secretive development process, Microsoft is going out of its way to be as open as possible about Windows 8, with lots of official videos (such as the one embedded above) showing the OS far ahead of time, to get as much community feedback as possible and make it a hit.

Bottom Line

I’ve tried Linux before, and liked it, but not enough to stick with it. I’ve never tried using a Mac before, because I just don’t feel the need – Windows gives me everything I need, is far less expensive, and runs on any hardware I want to run it. I know I can build a Hackintosh on my own, but in Apple’s eyes, that would make me a criminal. So for me, it’s Windows all the way.

Now it’s your turn to say your piece about whether you agree that Windows is awesome; I won’t necessarily reply to every comment, but I can assure you I will be reading them all.

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Comments (85)
  • Michael

    Sometimes you don’t even think about some of the great things on windows that some of us take for granted. I frequently play games from well over a decade ago (half-life, homeworld, warcraft, starcraft diablo etc) and even in windows 7 its easy to get them running flawlessly. This is one of the biggest things I hate about macs, and apple in general – they’re quick to throw “old” things under the rug because there’s seemingly no need or no use for older programs, especially when you buy a new mac every few years because of shitty planned obsolescence they bring in with their software.

  • Nilprakash

    I totally agree on each point laid down by the author :) and hey I am serious

  • Cooldarmc

    windows: just great you know, ive been using it a long time, i admit that it might have its flaws, but its the best, and its never let me down before, its the best in everything
    osx: far too confusing
    linux: its not cool

  • Jim from Milford, PA

    I dual boot Win7 and Ubuntu linux on all my 10 home machines. I find I spend 90% of my time on Linux and 10% on Win7. Both are good, but I find the Windows machines perform faster and have better driver support. Where cost is a consideration Linux wins. If you receive Win7 on your new PC, this is not an issue. For linux there is a longer learning curve. I think just having options is a prudent and wise strategy. If you ever wind up with a crashed Win7 hard drive partition, Linux can read the drive and save your old files offline. So both have their strengths. The Apple OS and Android OS are both rooted in Linux and Unix. So the linux market is growing because of its lower cost. Each have to decide for themselves….But choice is always a good thing.

  • Sagism

    Funny you should mention the price of Apple computers in Israel as an argument in favor of the superiority of Microsoft’s products… I’m from Israel as well and as I’m sure you know, Microsoft products in Israel are overpriced as well, and this includes Windows and Office, and it’s the same for the MS hardware such as mice, webcams etc.

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Affiliate Disclamer

This review may contain affiliate links, which pays us a small compensation if you do decide to make a purchase based on our recommendation. Our judgement is in no way biased, and our recommendations are always based on the merits of the items.

For more details, please read our disclosure.