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what do you think of windows 8The release of Windows 8 is approaching fast, with the latest Microsoft operating system due to arrive in October 2012. This isn’t your typical Windows release however, with Microsoft changing things up considerably in an effort to keep Windows relevant in what Apple has continually referred to as the post-PC era.

Windows 8 has been redesigned from the ground up, and it will work on both desktops and tablets. This strategy of trying to please everybody with the same product isn’t guaranteed to be successful, with the very real danger that Microsoft will instead please nobody. With just a few months left before Windows 8 arrives in stores it’s time to find out what you, our loyal MakeUseOf readership, really thinks of Windows 8.

This Week’s Question…

What Do You Really Think Of Windows 8?

what do you think of windows 8

This question comes in three parts. Firstly, we want to know what you truly think about Windows 8. Does it have any chances of succeeding in a big way? Will it see conversion rates near to XP/Windows 7 levels? This is your chance to truly vent about Windows 8, whether you love it or hate it. Do you wish the naysayers would give their flappy jaws My First Hour With The Windows 8 Consumer Preview - A Snap Judgement [Opinion] My First Hour With The Windows 8 Consumer Preview - A Snap Judgement [Opinion] I want to be surprised by Windows 8; I want to be pushed into a new paradigm of home computing, one that feels futuristic with it's bold colors and simplistic interface; I'm fully prepared for... Read More a rest until the final version can be sampled?

We also want to know your thoughts on Microsoft’s overall approach. It was clear Microsoft had to do something to be a part of the growing tablet market Why The Nexus 7 Is Competition For The iPad [Opinion] Why The Nexus 7 Is Competition For The iPad [Opinion] Google unveiled the Nexus 7, its long-awaited foray into the burgeoning tablet market, at Google I/O last month. The combination of hardware, design, and price took many by surprise, with all three of these components... Read More . Doing nothing really wasn’t an option. But is the company’s strategy sound or could they have gone a different way in order to stay relevant in the face of an ever-evolving marketplace? Would separate tablet and desktop editions of Windows 8 been a better fix, for instance?

Last but not least we want to get down to the details. If you have tried Windows 8 in one of its pre-release forms 8 YouTube Videos Of People Testing Windows 8 8 YouTube Videos Of People Testing Windows 8 At the time of writing Windows 8 is almost ready for public consumption, with an expected release date of October 2012. The Windows 8 Release Preview is now available to download for those in need... Read More then tell us what little things you like or loathe. Is there a particular aspect of Windows 8 that grates on you and will continue to grate on you for ever? Is there a new feature you think Microsoft has excelled in adding? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


Drawing Conclusions

All comments will be digested to form conclusions in a follow-up post next week where we will detail what ‘You Told Us’. One reader will be chosen for the coveted ‘Comment Of The Week’, getting their name up in lights, the respect of other readers, and 150 MakeUseOf points to use for Rewards or Giveaways. What more motivation than that do you need to respond?

‘We Ask You‘ is a weekly column dedicated to finding out the opinions of MakeUseOf readers. The questions asked are usually open-ended and likely to start a conversation. Some are opinion-based, while others see you sharing tips and advice, or advocating tools and apps to fellow MakeUseOf Readers. This column is nothing without you, as MakeUseOf online dating part demux online dating part demux Read More is nothing without you.

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