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WikiWorldBook is a website where anyone can create a profile which can be easily found online when someone searches for their name on search engines. The site allows users to create both personal and business profiles with a full range of privacy controls.

be found online

WikiWorldBook also has a people search feature that allows you to find anyone on the web as long that person is registered on one of the major social networking sites. Search results consist of images from the web and matching profiles from social networking sites.

be found on google

Another really useful feature is people tracing. Using this functionality you may create a profile for the person you’re looking for. What happens next, when someone searches for that name on one of the major search engines they will see that profile among the top results and know that you are looking for them. Very useful that allows users to trace lost friends and relatives.

be found


WikiWorldBook demo video:

Feature Summary

  • Be found on Google and others search engines.
  • Global online address book and people search.
  • Get alerted by email when someone Googles your name (Registered users only).
  • Allow people to contact you without revealing your email address.
  • Privacy controls to make profile information public or restrict it only to friends.
  • Free to use.

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