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Users are overrun with so many different options that it’s sometimes very frustrating to figure which product is the right one for you. What makes one product better over the other? What does one product have that the other doesn’t? What’s the difference between two things that seem to do the same thing? Researching such information isn’t difficult, but comparing the two sets of information to identify differences is.

best comparisons

WikiVS is a site which takes all sorts of terms, and presents them in an easy but detailed comparison. WikiVS’s comparisons range anything from Firefox vs. Chrome to Python vs. Ruby to Mac OS X vs. Windows. While the site has a heavy focus on technology terms, it’s not limited to them and can also include whatever you’d possibly like to compare, such as bacteria vs. viruses or Mumbai vs. Delhi. Anyone can edit the pages where the comparison takes place, allowing the information to be updated as soon as it appears. The site also has rules to prevent malicious edits.


  • Compare whatever you’d like.
  • Search for a comparison or create one yourself.
  • Focus on technology, but open to much more.
  • Anyone can edit and update the comparisons.

Check it out @

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  1. Elijah Swartz
    December 12, 2012 at 8:32 am

    Good idea Danny. This is one of those, "Why didn't I think of that?" ideas. As with wikipedia, it would be nice if articles had a fair amount of sources to back up the information. I get the feeling of biased opinion in some articles without any source or statistics backing it up. I'm sure it'll improve as it gets further developed. Also, I get the sense of some non-English grammar in there sometimes (possibly German), such as the capitalization of some non-proper nouns. No biggie, though. Again, nice idea.