WikiUpload: Store and Share Videos, Images, MP3s & eBooks Online

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Here is another file storage and sharing service that lets you store large files (up to 5GB in size) and share them with friends. Share documents, videos, images, audios, ebooks, shareware, archives … basically whatever you like. The whole things is pretty simplel, upload your file and get a download link that you can share with others.

wikiupload - store large files online


  • Upload, store and share large files online.
  • Maximum allowed file size is 5 GB. No restirtion on max. storage space.
  • Share file with other by forwarding them a download link to the file.
  • Sign-up isn’t required (though registred users can manage all of their files from one place).
  • Downsides: Broken search and no Terms Of Service page.
  • For alternative file sharing/storage sites go here.

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