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If you want to hunt down the latest information from and about Wikileaks, but are stuck finding a good source, then you should check out Wikiriver. This website sources several online publications, blogs, and news outlets to provide a portal for news and information on Wikileaks’ materials.

wikileaks news

Wikiriver uses RSS to source these materials so you can also use these same RSS sources to add them to your favorite reader. You can also click to add the comments directory or click the attachment icon to download any file attached with the articles.

Wikiriver is a convenient app for people who want to be updated on the latest event related to Wikileaks – be it Julian Assange’s pending case, the diplomatic cable leaks, the status of Wikileaks’ website, and more.


  • Save RSS feeds directly.
  • Comment to stories directly.
  • Save attachments from source articles.
  • One-stop portal all about Wikileaks.
  • Check out our first entry on Wikileaks.

Check out Wikiriver @


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