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WikiLeaks is continuing to make a splash. They have a feature on their site that many people may not be familiar with that allows you to view a world map of all the places where various kinds of tracking are used. It’s a fascinating feature because not only can you see where tracking is happening around you, but you can also find out what other places around the world are experiencing it as well.


They allow you to view tracking from all kinds of methods. You can see Internet tracking, GPS tracking, SMS tracking and pretty much any other method you can think of. It’s crazy to see some of the methods used to track people, and how many places around the world it happens in.

You can click a method at the top of the screen to view the countries where it takes place. Then, you can click a country to view the companies involved. When you click a method, you can also click and drag around the map to see the areas in the world where it can be found.


  • Find out where all major methods of tracking occur.
  • Interactive map is easy to navigate and user friendly.
  • Shows six different kinds of tracking.
  • Shows all companies where each method occurs.

Find WikiLeaks Spy Files Map @

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  1. Albert
    October 12, 2016 at 10:04 am

    the map doesn't work anymore :(