The WikiLeaks Fallout – 8 Websites For Progressive News & Political Commentary

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progressive websitesNews was meant to be free in more senses than one. In the 21st century, news is a big business like any other. Thankfully, the web has arrived with a free voice. It might have been a whimper so far when pitted against television, but the WikiLeaks drama has given it a drill sergeant’s voice. 

Though WikiLeaks has started a slanging match, one cannot deny that it has also forced us to take a second look at the role of the media in educating the public. Do we trust it at our own peril or do we take it at face value?

There are a few websites that go against the tele-prompted script with progressive journalism. Progressive journalism is about shared knowledge and presenting news free of censorship. Progressive journalism maybe flailing at the windmills of ad-sponsored media blitzkriegs, but it has a huge role to play for raising awareness and triggering debate.

WikiLeaks has opened a can of worms. Can these eight progressive websites open our eyes and make us read news with a more inquisitive eye?

[NO LONGER WORKS] CableSearch (Beta)

progressive websites

CableSearch is a search engine for leaked documents culled from the recent Cablegate releases by WikiLeaks. All documents are available in the public domain. But more than that, CableSearch positions itself as a tool for investigative journalists who want to research the 250,000 documents released on WikiLeaks for their reports. The site maintains a cable count i.e. the number of public materials available. You can also set up news alerts for receiving notifications when new cables become available (see Directory mention).


political news sites

An Annenberg Public Policy Center (University of Pennsylvania) initiative, FactCheck aims to debunk the falsehoods and doublespeak that’s part of US politics. The site monitors popular media and verifies the accuracy of the claims made by political personalities and political stakeholders. FactCheck aims to hold politicians accountable for their statements. The site is completely US-centric, but it is also a fine example of an e-enabled initiative to educate the public especially during elections in the US. For instance, the site focuses strongly on political spending and profiles the organizations behind the dollars.

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political news sites

If you are looking for alternative news, this is one news website you should have on your Top 5 list. It can be described as a progressive and liberal news service. AlterNet syndicates news from other newswires and also reports on its own. For instance, the behind the scenes investigative articles in the Investigations section of the site make for a wide-eyed read. Try the 7 Shocking WikiLeaks Revelations if you aren’t in the know about the WikiLeaks furor.

Drudge Report

political news sites

Don’t mind the looks; it started as an email newsletter in 1996. But it has lots of credits when it comes to breaking news that other publishers might balk from publishing. It has notable firsts like the Monica Lewinsky scandal and Prince Harry’s Afghanistan tour of duty. The site is otherwise populated with aggregated headlines from a variety of news sources.


political sites

SourceWatch is a wiki that documents PR firms, think tanks, and other front groups that seek to influence public opinion with their spin. The Center for Media and Democracy published resource attempts to act as a central clearing house for the propaganda we are fed by public relations firms through media. Though it is a collaborative wiki that encourages worldwide participation, it adheres to strict publishing guidelines.

Common Dreams

political sites

A progressive news website that promotes “˜internet activism’ for social good and public awareness; the site is all about grassroots activism and it does so with breaking news and views presented from around the world.

Project Censored

political sites

Project Censored looks into the what’s and the why’s of news that didn’t make the front pages for one reason or the other. The non-partisan and non-profit site advocates the credo of free press. Project Censored is all about media ethics and as well as media democracy. Project Censored gathers together an annual list of 25 news stories of social importance that have been overlooked, misreported, under-reported or censored by the news media. The current top slot is held by a story which lets us into the global plans to replace the dollar.


progressive websites

The progressive news website doesn’t try to take the familiar road when it comes to daily news. It digs deeper into the stories of the day and brings insightful commentary that may be controversial and opinionated, but also thought provoking. Of note is the fact that Truthdig won the 2010 Webby Award jury prize for Best Political Blog.

There are many more progressive voices on the web in the form of news websites and political blogs. Let us into your favorites.

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Comments (22)
  • Wikileaks is Criminal

    Wikileaks WAS NEVER a non profit organization!

    They state on their website to be a non profit organization, but as a matter of fact, it was not an organization at all, but a private business of Julian Assange. Later, Assange has incorporated a private limited company SUNSHINE PRESS PRODUCTIONS EFH in Iceland, where Julian Assange is 94% shareholder. The company is subject to corporate tax rate of 18% and is not registered as non profit organization.

    The business purpose of his WikiLeaks company, aka SUNSHINE PRESS PRODUCTIONS EHF in Icelandic reads:

    Tilgangur félagsins er framleiðsla, útgáfa og dreifing fjölmiðlaefnis, myndefnis, prentaðs máls og margmiðlunarefnis, hönnun og hýsing vefsiðna, smásala og heildsala, rekstur fasteigna og lánastarfsemi og skyldur rekstur.

    And translation in English:

    The company’s purpose is the production, editing and distribution of media content, video content, language and print media, web design and hosting industry, retailers and wholesalers, real estate and business lending and related activities.

    Full documents of the FOR PROFIT company may be found here:

    Non profit organizations are REGISTERED, DO NOT HAVE SHAREHOLDERS and provide TRANSPARENCY and ACCOUNTANCY.

    Wikileaks is nothing of that.

    Wikileaks lies on its website: to be non profit organization, but admits to be project of SUNSHINE PRESS PRODUCTIONS EFH, which is the number one option to receive “donations”.

    None of those donations are tax deductible, neither the world, neither Iceland. They are subject to corporata tax rate of 18% just as any other business income.

    Stealing information and selling it for profit to corrupt corporations is one thing.

    Having genuine humanitarian purpose and lawful requests for transparency is another thing. And there are so many true non profit organizations doing it right.

    Julian Assange and his Wikileaks are public scam and fraud.

    Not worth a cent.

  • Plebispower

    Really – get the Drudge Report off this post. Some care should have been taken to actually look at it before grouping it with anything labeled ‘progressive.’

  • Rivkab

    good luck finding any un-biased website. the bottom line is who you trust.

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Affiliate Disclamer

This review may contain affiliate links, which pays us a small compensation if you do decide to make a purchase based on our recommendation. Our judgement is in no way biased, and our recommendations are always based on the merits of the items.

For more details, please read our disclosure.