WikiBrains: A Brainstorming Tool To Help You Collect Information and Get Inspired

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Children are often taught how to brainstorm in the classroom using various techniques from a very young age. Such visual processes are meant to greatly aid in understanding concepts, formulating ideas and learning new things. WikiBrains is a tool built for education both in the classroom and at home, and by using the power of the Web, it is possible to brainstorm in more advanced ways.

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Simply enter a topic, product, concept or whatever it is you’re currently researching into the search box, hit enter and watch WikiBrains go to work, creating a “web” of associated terms. The service scours the web for associations, and by clicking the plus button on each bubble you can collect that information in the sidebar. You can then drag the bubbles around to rearrange them into an order that makes sense to you.


The sidebar itself offers a deeper understanding of what it is you are searching for, with descriptions from sites like Wikipedia, YouTube videos and other related articles appearing alongside your brainstorming diagram. Sign up to the service to save your “webs” of ideas, or simply browse public webs that have already been created for you.


  • Create a brainstorm diagram by searching and collecting associated terms.
  • Add your own terms or use the search to your advantage to come up with ideas you might not have thought of.
  • Save your webs as private or public brainstorms and browse through others.
  • Get detailed information relating to your searches in the sidebar, alongside your web.

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Leon Markovitz

Thanks for covering our startup!
We’re still on beta, but we’re already the worlds largest brainstorm!

The whole concept is to get out of the box by looking at associations made by people from all walks of life worldwide. As well as content or thoughts they may share.

We will soon be improving the social aspects, get ready to brainstorm like a rockstar!

Any questions or feedback, please feel free to contact us. We’d love to hear from you!



I was going to recommend this for our students at our school however when I searched for “sex” there were several inappropriate topics that showed up. Great concept but would not recommend it for the classroom due it’s lack of filtering inappropriate terms.


Saikat Basu

Thanks for dropping by. Look forward to the updates.


Tim Brookes

Interesting, but then again this is the Internet and it’s full of this sort of thing. Students who are going to type “sex” into every search field they can are eventually going to find things even the most sophisticated censorship software will miss.

Just saying…

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