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Wigglehop is a movie search tool that somebody has finally put some thought into. Unlike regular tools that let you search for movies, Wigglehop is smart in displaying only what you may be interested in. For example, while displaying movie timings for the current day, Wigglehops only displays shows that you can make it to in time.

The tool only displays movies that are playing at your favorite theaters, only displays show times for your chosen movies and lets you create custom-built movie plans.  The tool is highly customizable and doesn’t flood you with information unless you really need to see it. The tool works on the web or as an app for the iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.

movie timings


  • Search for movie timings smartly.
  • Only shows your favorite theaters.
  • Sort list of theaters by distance.
  • Only shows list of movies you can make it to.
  • See movie timings for up to next 3 days.
  • Click movie title to read a very short synopsis.
  • Works on the web or as an iPhone app.
  • Similar sites: ShowtimeFu,  MovieShowTimeMap and DoubleFeatureFinder.

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