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Using your phone to switch between different WiFi hotspots that use a username and password can be a little tricky. But fortunately for Android smartphone owners, WifiBrowserLogin makes the process much easier.

log into wifi hotspot

WifiBrowserLogin is a free smartphone app for Android devices. The app automatically detects if the available WiFi spot requires a log in to be connected. You can configure the app such that whenever a log in requirement is detected, you are either notified or a webview for you to log in is automatically opened so you do not have to open a browser yourself.

log into wifi network


  • A user friendly smartphone app.
  • Detects if available Wi-Fi signal requires username and password.
  • Can be configured to simply notify you or automatically open a webview to login.
  • Will help save time especially when switching between different Wi-Fi networks that require logins.
  • Similar tools: WiFi Analyzer, ShareKeyboard and WiFi Stumbler.

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