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If your home WiFi severely loses signal strength from time to time, the problem may be competing routers on your frequency. The solution is to change your router’s channel, but if you’d rather find out conclusively if this is the problem before fidgeting with your router’s settings you should check out WiFi Stumbler.

This web-based tool can analyze all of the local wifi spots visible from where you’re standing and give you a variety of information about them all, including their signal strength and which channel they’re using.

local wifi spots

You’ll need Java installed to use this web app, and it only works in Windows and OSX, but if you do get it working you’ll learn a great deal about the wireless networks around you: their mac address, manufacturer, what kind of security they’re making use of and, of course, which channel they’re operating on.

If there are a number of routers on the same channel as you, considering changing the channel on your router: your WiFi will disappear less frequently.

local wifi spots



  • Web-based WiFi analyzer.
  • Find out about the wireless access points near you.
  • Perfect tool for troubleshooting WiFi issues.

Check out WiFi Stumbler @

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