WiFi Explorer: Scan, Find & Diagnose Wireless Network Problems With This Mac OSX App (35 Free Licenses)

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Diagnosing network problems takes time and patience. The process is often an arduous one with lots of trial and error, but the right software can make all the difference. Dedicated troubleshooting tools are often expensive but thankfully affordable solutions do exist. One example is WiFi Explorer, a $2.99 Mac OS X app that is designed to detect and report any problems that might be affecting your network.

diagnose wireless network problems

For that modest price tag you will get a box of tricks that will help you find, scan and fix problems that can arise with wireless networks. The software works with all major standards of wireless and can detect open, ad-hoc and even rogue access points. In addition to detecting noise, channel, band, security configuration and supported data rates, the software also supports the monitoring of signal strength over time.


A simple visual representation of the status of the network allows for quick identification of potential problems and conflicts with other networks, that can quickly help you set up or troubleshoot an existing network by avoiding commonly used nearby channels.

The developers of WiFi Explorer have provided 35 free copies to the first 35 MakeUseOf readers who share this post on Facebook and then leave comment below.


  • Software to help visualize nearby networks, channels being used and the types of networks in your vicinity.
  • Detect channel, band, data rates, security in place, device manufacturer and more information, wirelessly!
  • Signal quality ratings based on signal to noise ratio.
  • Monitor signal strength over a period of time to better help diagnose ongoing problems.

Check out WiFi Explorer @ Mac App Store

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Viren Sakariya

A very good Giveway,I want it for my MAC.



It’s looks luike a nice app.


John Childs

A handy app to have with my many wireless devices on my university campuses.


Guilherme Filgueiras

I want to test it!


Jesse Reisman

I have a ton of tools that tell me signal strength and available networks but nothing that actually tells me what’s wrong.


Keith Swartz

It sounds like a great app to have in one’s toolbox. Test & see!

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