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Wouldn’t it be nice to have your very own web desktop where you can try out widgets so that you won’t have to clutter your PC desktop? Widgetop is a web desktop that allows you to use apple dashboard widgets on the web so you can access them from anywhere.

Choose from the many useful mini applications such as dashboard widgets, Google gadgets, YourMinis widgets and RSS feeds and slideshows from the widget gallery.

apple dashboard widgets

Upon entering the Widgetop site, you can choose to log into your account, create an account, or test the web desktop without saving it. Widgetop features a favorites bar so you can easily bookmark and access the widgets that you like.

You can also easily customize the appearance of any widget based on your preference with just a click of a button. Widgetop also feature a public web desktops feature where you can view and edit shared desktops by other users.

widget dashboard mac


Widgetop is a handy and accessible sandbox that is great for trying out the latest widgets that the web has to offer.


Check out Widgetop @

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