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Wibbitz is a free pluggin that lets webmasters convert static web content  into interactive streaming videos that will include headlines, images, video clips and more. The videos are created in real-time so the video content is always up to date. The videos also have options to share and embed them on other sites.



The app also provides options for publishers to customize their Wibbitz stream. They can put on their own logo, apply various themes, change the language and add background music. There’s also an analytics dashboard that shows the pageviews generated by the videos.

See sample Wibbitz widget below:



  • Interactive video from static online content.
  • Videos have images, headlines, video clips.
  • Publishers can further customize their streams.

Check out Wibbitz @

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  1. Mate
    April 16, 2011 at 10:28 am

    Great tool!
    I have one question... How to set the player that will play automatically??