WhoTalking: A Multi-Lingual Social Media Search Tool

Twitter’s search tool is notoriously unreliable, and remains one of the service’s major complaints among users. Facebook is a closed social network, and that makes searching even public entities like company pages a drag – not to mention you need an account. That’s why tools for sifting through the endless volumes of social media updates and content are now useful, and one such tool is WhoTalking.

whotalking1   WhoTalking: A Multi Lingual Social Media Search Tool

The website searches both Facebook and Twitter among others for multi-lingual search queries. Users can search in any language to reveal popular and trending topics. Other supported websites include Flickr, YouTube, Picasa, Google+ and more. Twitter and Facebook support is particularly good, with the ability to search tweets by location, user and slug as well as searching within Facebook Pages, Groups and more.

whotalking2   WhoTalking: A Multi Lingual Social Media Search Tool

Results are detailed, displaying the update, the client, date, and whether or not it’s a popular update. Users can sign in with Facebook or Twitter to respond to tweets and updates with a single click. WhoTalking is a tool for those who use social media religiously and the best part is you don’t need to register for any accounts to use it.


  • Search Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Flickr, YouTube and more from the one interface without signing in or visting each site separately.
  • Optionally sign in with Facebook or Twitter to respond and save updates.
  • View trending topics at the top of the page and search Facebook and Twitter deeper by location, user, within Groups and Pages.
  • WhoTalking is completely multi-lingual.

Check out WhoTalking @ WhoTalking.com

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Sweet with a Google+ search them one might get all result and not only the one Google finds relevant to me

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Well, do not display many posts in the result list