Who Stole My Pictures: Find Duplicate Pictures Online [Firefox]

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Finding duplicate pictures can be beneficial in a number of situations. For instance, finding duplicate pictures can be greatly helpful if you are trying to get the same picture in a different resolution or if you want to see if somebody is reusing your picture. To find duplicate pictures you can use a nifty tool called “Who Stole My Pictures”.

find duplicate pictures online

Who Stole My Pictures is a browser add-on for Mozilla Firefox. The add-on helps you easily search for duplicate pictures using three websites dedicated to this purpose: Yandex, Tineye, and GazoPa. With the image open in your Firefox tab, simply right-click on the image and choose one of the abovementioned websites. A new tab will open up with that site’s results for duplicate images displayed.

find duplicate photos online


Check out “Who Stole My Pictures” @ addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/who-stole-my-pictures

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Richard Gailey

Does Who Stole My Pictures use the same engine as TinEye?



Sorry, but I’m not downloading anything that came from a Russian programmer…



I would also like to know how this compares to TinEye



“Lets you use 3 different websites (Yandex, Tineye or Gazopa).”

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