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WhoReadMe is an online email tracking service that lets you track sent emails and get real-time alerts when they are being viewed. The idea is really simple, WhoReadMe embeds a transparent tracking image with a unique ID inside your email. When the recipient opens the email the tracking image is loaded and you get alerted. You may send 5 free tracked emails per day to with up to 30 recipients for each.

track sent email

Option to add attachments and get alerts for when they have been opened is available as well.

To start first go and register on the site. Then select the “Send Email” option from menu and write your email. Set alert options and click on Send. Once the recipient opens your email you will be alerted.  You can also view more detailed info about recipient such as exact time, location, IP address, browser and operating system.

email tracking service

Note:  You will not get any alerts if recipient has disabled  HTML in his/her email client, email provider is blocking email tracking or the message is simply deleted without opening.


Features overview:

  • Online email tracking service.
  • Get email notification each time your email was read.
  • Send 5 free tracked emails per day.
  • Send each email to up to 30 recipients with CC, BCC supported.
  • Add as many attachments as necessary.
  • Get notification when attachments are downloaded.
  • Import your address book from Yahoo!, Hotmail, Gmail, and AOL.
  • See the date and time when the recipient opened your email.
  • Shows recipient’s location, IP address, browser details, operating system, etc.
  • Similar websites: SpyPig and Confirmeo.

Check out WhoReadMe @

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