WhoCalledUs: Uncover Unlisted Phone Numbers

WhoCalled.us is a directory of unlisted phone numbers (i.e. ‘name unavailable’); a site where people can share comments about the identity of phone spammers. In case you ever wondered who’s calling, WhoCalled.us is a place to find it out.

    O’Reilly Radar: “Get a call from an unrecognized number on your cell? Look it up to see who it was, where they are, and who else they called that didn’t like it.”
WhoCalledUs phone numbers   WhoCalledUs: Uncover Unlisted Phone Numbers

WhoCalled.us Features

  • Lookup ‘name unavailable’ phone numbers.
  • See how many other people received calls from the same caller.
  • Comment and view comments from others who received calls from particular phone number.
  • Browse numbers by: ‘Who called the most’, ‘Most commented’ and ‘Most called state’ (by all time, last 7 days).
  • Add new numbers to WhoCalled.us directory.
  • Registration is encouraged but not required.

Go to WhoCalled.us [www.WhoCalled.us]

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