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If you are stressed out with the noise around you, be it your baby crying or your son playing video games, then you should try this app. WhiteNoisePlayer is a website that streams various white noise towhite noise to help you sleep and relax while drowning out other noises.

white noise to help you sleep

You may ask, what’s the use of white noise? White noise is a term that describes sound with relatively wide continuous range of frequencies and uniform intensity. It could be the sound of raindrops, blowing wind, or crashing waves. This kind of sound has been proven to help you sleep, relieve stress, block distractions, soothe migraines, mask tinnitus and more.

To use WhiteNoisePlayer, just click one of the preset sounds available (fan, vacuum, wind, ocean, crickets, rain, and more). You can also adjust the volume, check the time, and set the alarm clock. WhiteNoisePlayer is a great tool if you are looking for soothing sounds before you sleep or even while you work.


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