How to Whitelist Email Addresses in AOL
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If you use AOL mail and find that emails you’re expecting to see in your inbox are ending up in spam, whitelisting specific senders or domains can fix the problem.

Let’s take a look at how to get control of your email and make sure you don’t miss any important newsletters or other mail.

First, you can easily add any email sender to your whitelist by just responding to their email. In AOL mail, responding to a message adds that person to your email contacts, meaning that they’re always allowed to send you email.

This is one of the reasons you should never respond to spam email. Aside from letting the spammer know they’ve hit an active address, you’re also telling your email service that you trust the sender.

To add any other email address to your whitelist, just click Contacts on the left side of your email inbox and choose to Create New Contact. Make the new contact the email address you’d like to always allow, and save it.

Now, any emails from that address (or addresses on that domain) will be allowed through AOL’s spam filter.

Finally, if you want to reclaim any messages that were sent to spam, head to the Spam section on the left sidebar, select the appropriate email, and choose Not Spam to put it back in your inbox.

Think that email spam might be coming from you? Check out how to discover if you’re spamming your email contacts and what to do if so.

Does your email often send valid messages to spam? Let us know which senders you’ve had to whitelist in the comments!

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