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The security of your data on your smartphone has become an issue of increasing importance. Various applications let you lock your data on your smartphone but if you are an Android phone user looking for a data encryption app, then check out WhisperCore.

encrypt data on android

WhisperCore is a free to use smartphone application for Android devices. It integrates with the underlying Android OS to protect everything you keep on your phone. In addition to protecting the phone’s core data, the app’s encryption can be extended to the phone’s memory card as well. The app uses 256-bit AES encryption; encryption is done through a passphrase you enter.

Currently the app is in beta and offers full disk encryption and basic platform management tools only for Nexus S phones; support for other Android phones is to be added soon.


  • A user-friendly smartphone application.
  • Compatible with Android phones.
  • Encrypts data on the phone for security.
  • Offers full disk encryption.
  • Offers basic platform management tools.
  • Encryption can be extended to phone’s memory card.

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