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Just finished another book and wondering what to read next? If so, head to It is an online book suggestion tool that can recommend you what books to read next based on type of books you like. The site is being run by the library system in UK and supposedly contains every book that was published in English since 1995.

The process is really simple, all you need to do is indicate your preferences using a set of sliders, for example happy-sad, safe-disturbing, gentle-violent, conventional-unusual and the site will bring you a list of books that match preferences you have selected.  Short excerpt for each book is also provided.

Book Suggestion Tool

Additionally if you reside in UK you can use WhichBook to borrow books from public libraries and if you reside elsewhere you can use it to find and purchase books online.


  • Find out what you should read next with online book suggester.
  • WhichBook’s database includes every book published in English since 1995.
  • View website in text, large text or as flash website.
  • No registration needed.
  • Similar websites: ThisOneNext.

Check out WhichBook @

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