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Last week we asked what your plans are regarding Facebook shares Will You Be Buying Facebook Shares? [MakeUseOf Poll] Will You Be Buying Facebook Shares? [MakeUseOf Poll] Facebook went public last week, with shares starting at $38 a piece. Since then, the price has been dropping rapidly, but many believe this is only the beginning, and that we’ll see a significant increase... Read More . One thing is perfectly clear, if the guys at Facebook were counting on MakeUseOf readers to buy shares, they better think again!

Out of 215 readers who voted, a staggering 75% will not be buying shares, 11% plan on buying some in the future, 10% are still undecided and 4% already bought some shares. That’s the biggest majority for one vote we’ve seen in quite a while.

Full results and this week’s poll after the jump.

With three quarters of the voters not even thinking of buying, the results seem pretty definitive!


This week’s poll question is: Which Windows Version Is The Best Of All Times?


Sorry Mac and Linux users, this week’s poll is all about Windows, but even if you don’t currently use the most popular OS in the world, you’re bound to have an opinion in the matter. This week we want to find out which is your favorite Windows version of all times, and with your permission, the poll will start with Windows 95. Is Windows 2000 the best that ever was? Will Windows 8 be it? Tell us what you think!

Why is your favorite version the best? Is it stability? A certain feature? The interface? Share your opinions below.

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