BlindSearch: The Best ‘Which Search Engine is Better’ Test

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If you want to compare results from Google, Yahoo and Bing in the ideal way head straight to BlindSearch. It is an online “which search engine is better” test based on a simple concept, when you search for something on BlindSearch it shows search results from 3 search engines, each in its own column, with their logos hidden. Then you can analyze search results and vote on the best set by clicking on the “vote for this search engine” button. Clicking the button also reveals the logos exposing the engines behind each column.

which search engine is better

BlindSearch offers a fool proof test to check which search engine is the best one, at least for certain post querries. It works well because your decision is purely based on the search results and not on your earlier search experiences with one or the other search engine.

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Thank you for the post! I’ve been having fun trying to guess which search engine is which based on the results. The other engines rate youtube channels highly whereas google puts the video higher, Bing seems to find digg more relevant, Bing likes tags more etc.


Television Spy

Very interesting experiment, it would have been better if they gave the total number of votes for each search engine.


Lonely Lover

too bad my screen isn’t big enough for it to really be useful



I second that, some stats would be great.

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