Which Is The Largest Science Fiction Starship?

DeviantART member DirkLoechel recently updated his starship size comparison table, which includes ships from many popular science fiction favourites like Star Wars, Star Trek, Babylon 5, Farscape, Titan A.E., and Battlestar Galactica. If you and your mates are constantly arguing over the sizes of starships, this handy cheatsheet will decisively end the debate. Head over to DeviantART for the full resolution image.

starships   Which Is The Largest Science Fiction Starship?

starships 2   Which Is The Largest Science Fiction Starship?

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tony bombata

i don’t see any ships from mass effect – would love to see the collector homeworld

Jorge B

Or any of the Reapers

Mike C

Open the full-size image and look in the top right corner. He even got the Citadel.


You forgot the Tardis! It would dwarf them all.

Alex D

NO, clearly they are all inside the TARDIS.


Not sure, because we see the dead tardis in “the name of the doctor” and it is not so huge…


Yep, forget the rest, the only ‘true’ time traveler with a ship to rival any of the above the the Tardis!

Matt S

The Titans in Eve are pretty awesome, considering players can fly them or blow them up. Shame they’re all ugly as sin, except for the Amarr one.

Leanne Martin

You forgot Star Wars’ ‘Death Star’ as it is a pilotable ship the size of a moon or small planet


Yeah I noticed that as well.


I believe the Death Star would classify as a Space Station rather than a Starship.


you also forgot the RED DWARF of “red dwarf”


Its there on the last picture near the bottom left.
So glad someone else still cares too!!


what about that planet which was a spaceship and planet distroyer.


Freespace made it to this collection… I am in awe…

What about “Space: Above and Beyond”?


Brilliant stuff.
It would be nice to have it on a wall.
Hmmm, a business idea :)?


This debate is OVER! The Tardis from Doctor Who is the largest star ship because once you go inside it- the space is infinite!!!

Brent Jones of Earth

Saturn 5 / Apollo from America is real. But the original 60s Enterprise is always the best.


I don’t see the biggest covenant halo ship http://halo.wikia.com/wiki/CSO-class_supercarrier

Apocalypso Facto

It’d be nice to have someone depict that huge ship from Greg Bear’s “Hull Zero Three”


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Dang it! I got an email on this post and I immediately thought of the TARDIS… I quickly clicked the link, thinking I’ll be the first one to make a Doctor Who reference… and 5 other people already did it.

But yeah, whole ‘nother dimension inside the tardis, therefore infinite, therefore the ‘biggest’…

Thomas Martin

Best check out Jeff Russell’s Starship Dimensions (http://www.merzo.net/) for a wider range of scales; from 1 pixel equals 1 cm (good for Yoda to the Rancor) all the way to 1 pixel equaling 500,000 Km (Dyson sphere / Ringworld)


Dyson Sphere and Ringworld can be considered “spaceships” only in the sense of “space ship Earth”. The word “ship” usually implies some means of self-propulsion and/or directed movement. Planets, for the most part, are in stationary orbits around some central object.

Richard C. Millar

The Space Ship in the Movie-“Independence Day”-is the Largest one that I can think of with Will Smith & Jeff Goldblume Destroying it !!!…
<3 Rick <3

Jeremy G

I was disappointed to find the Lexx missing.

Though I am given to understand this is a compilation of visual ships, should we stray into the written record, Dahak would also be a nice addition.

For those not familiar with David Weber’s work, Dahak is quite literally the moon, just as we are the descendants of his crew.


Lexx is on there! :) Lower half of the image, just left of center.


Uhm, you all forgot the star ships from Spaceballs! What about the Maid ship or the Winnebago? Heck why not Ice Pirates ships? Also from Star Wars where is the Whale ship… There are so many more that are not on this picture.


The city-ships from the Cities in Flight books.

The free planets used to destroy the planet Ploor by the Children of the Lens.

Josh M.

Stargate SGU?


You forgot Millennium Falcon

Elliot Karp

How about the craft in Rendezvous with Rama by Arthur C. Clark? I think it was 50km long and some 20 km in diameter.



The forerunner capital ship in Halo 4, the Mantle’s Approach is 371,385m tall.
That is 371km if anyone is asking.
That is all.


Is there a full-size version of this picture anywhere?


Great job – amazing comparison!


Magog worldship from Andromeda.
Twenty hollow-out worlds join by superstructure that has an artifcial sun in the middle that will be dwarf by the Dyson sphere from Star Trek: TNG.