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Where I’ve Been is a social-networking focused application that lets you share your ‘travels’ with friends. You get a compact world map where you can highlight the countries you have been to, lived in, or want to go to. Your personalized map can then be quickly and easily shared with friends.

    USA Today: “The most popular of Facebook’s 100-odd travel applications, downloaded by more than 2.6 million members since its launch by a freelance Web developer in June, is Where I’ve Been “” a map that highlights places users have been to, lived in and hope to visit.”

WhereIveBeen - Share your Travels

Feature Overview

  • Track places you have been to and share them with others.
  • Tag worldmap countries/cities as ‘I have been here’, ‘I lived here’, or ‘I want to go here’
  • Put your map on your blog, Myspace page, or Facebook profile (see one below).

My WhereIveBeen map

Check out WhereIveBeen @


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