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The hardest part about planning a successful event is deciding on a date that will be convenient for all attendees. There are websites that try to simplify this task but unintentionally end up complicating the interface. This is precisely what sets “When Shall We” apart from its competition.

WhenShallWe is an easy to use group meeting date picker website. You start without creating any account, then name your event and add a small description. Next you select suitable dates for the event; you can select a range of dates or specific dates.

meeting date picker

Guests are emailed about the event. Their emails can be added either individually or through a list of email addresses separated by commas. They are emailed a letter generated by the site that you can optionally edit. The email takes them to a page where they select the date convenient to them.

meeting date planner

Once you receive feedback from all attendees, you can see which date is convenient for most people and then decide on it. You can also select whether guests can invite others to the event; this can be done by providing guests with the event’s page’s password.



  • A user friendly event creation website.
  • Lets you select a range of suitable dates for the event.
  • Lets the guests select dates convenient for them.
  • Guests are invited through emailing.
  • You can assign a password for the event and let guests invite more people.
  • Similar tools: RSVPHere, WhichDateWorks, Pingg, Mobaganda, Doodle, WhenIsGood, AnyVite and Prohmote.

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