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Calling your employees or having them call you for shift notifications can be inconvenient. Businesses where employees work in various shifts need an automated solution that notifies employees of their shifts and makes it easier for the employer to manage the shifts. This is precisely what a web service called When I Work offers.

schedule employee shifts

When I Work is a web service that helps employers manage the shifts of their employees. You start by creating an account on the site and then adding the employee positions. Next you add employee names along with their email addresses and phone numbers. You can assign a position to each employee and specify shift timings on the online schedule.


Employees can find out about their shifts in numerous ways; they can check the schedules online on their computers, use the iOS and Android apps to check shifts, or get notified through Facebook and Twitter. Employees with regular phones can find out about their shifts via SMS.


When I Work offers a free account if you are going to manage up to 5 employees; for more employees, When I Work offers premium packages that come with 30-day trials.


  • A user-friendly web service.
  • Helps manage employee schedules.
  • Offers Android and iOS applications.
  • Notifies via text messaging and social networks.

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