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Friends often owe each other money; but with a large group of friends and a lot of payments it becomes a bit difficult to figure out exactly how much is owed by who and to whom. Here to solve this problem in an extremely effective way is a web service called Whats Your Share.

who owes whom what

Whats Your Share is a free and simple to use website that lets you calculate how much you and your friends owe one another. You start by creating a friends group and then adding friends to it. If you log into the site using your Google account then you need not repeat this step in subsequent visits to the group.

With your friends added to the group, you can add payments. During this step you need to specify which friend made the payment, what the payment was for, the date of the payment, and amount, and whom the payment was for. After entering all the payments you can have the results processed with the site letting you know instantly which friends owe money and to whom.

The results can be downloaded as a DOC file or Excel spreadsheet to be shared with those friends.



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